Final migration of database

We will be finalizing the migration of the MySQL database this Friday (April 12th). This means that our near-real time data will not be updated. We will resume our near-real time data services in the evening. Historical data will remain available. ...
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Migration of database

We will migrate our database during the coming weeks (up to 12-04-2024). This might cause some inconvenience and downtime of our services.
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The Meteorology and Air Quality group of Wageningen University & Research runs three sites, where we collect meteorological and air quality measurements. The three sites are carefully chosen to represent the most frequent land cover types in the Netherlands: Veenkam...
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12 new streams added for Loobos

We have added 12 new streams for the Loobos site today. This includes 8 Leaf Wetness streams LWmV1 to LWmV8 which can detect the presence of water or ice on an artificial leaf ( The data is available from 2023-08-07 onwards and is update...
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Teledyne (O3, NO, NO2) data now available for Veenkampen

At Veenkampen we have Teledyne T200 and T400 instruments to measure ozone (O3), nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as important indicators for air quality. This data is now included in the Veenkampen database and it goes back until January 2022. Feel free to...
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Particulate matter data now available for Veenkampen

We have added two new streams to the Veenkampen site: PM2.5 and PM10. The data is also part of the advanced 'Composition' package at Veenkampen. Particulate matter (PM) is damaging for human health and is therefore often used in studies about air quality. At Veenkamp...
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MAQ-observations nearing its offical launch

The web-developers have made significant progress and improvements on the MAQ-observations web page over the last weeks. Some notable improvements are: A different database structure that allows for downloads of a much larger volume (both timespan and number of str...
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