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The Meteorology and Air Quality group of Wageningen University & Research runs three sites, where we collect meteorological and air quality measurements. The three sites are carefully chosen to represent the most frequent land cover types in the Netherlands: Veenkampen has grassland on peat, Loobos has Pine forest and Amsterdam as urban conglomeration. In general, we aim at collecting information about the role of these land areas for (micro-)meteorology, the carbon cycle, water use, as well as deposition and release of air quality components. These three sites are also part of The Ruisdael Observatory, a nationwide observatory for measurements of the atmosphere.

The data collected at Veenkampen, Loobos and Amsterdam are now available on our new website in near real-time. We update our SQL database every 10 minutes with the most recent observations. We offer up-to date charts of the current weather and air quality, as well as a historic dataset to explore, plot and download. You can visualize and download the data with our carefully designed graphical user interface, or download it using a custom tailored API key. We offer up to 627 data streams divided over the three stations at a temporal resolution of up to 20 seconds. Data collection is fully automated and quality-controlled before sending to our database.

Feel free to explore if you are interested in the current and historical weather and air quality, or want to use the data in your research. In case of any comments or questions about the website or data arise, please contact