12 new streams added for Loobos

We have added 12 new streams for the Loobos site today. This includes 8 Leaf Wetness streams LWmV1 to LWmV8 which can detect the presence of water or ice on an artificial leaf (https://www.campbellsci.com/lws). The data is available from 2023-08-07 onwards and is updated every 10 minutes as usual. These 8 steams have been added in the current charts and have a separate advanced download package to explore.

Furthermore, we have added 4 backup streams for incoming shortware radiation, temperature, relative humidity and precipitation (1 each). These streams are not part of the regular charts and download packages but serve as a backup in case one of the sensors breaks down.

Feel free to explore the new streams and in case of any questions feel free to email us at observations.maq@wur.nl.