Our data

Our data are being collected to be used. We make the data available for displaying and for download according to our MAQ Data License. The data may be used for displaying differences between sites, trends in time, studying particular (extreme) events and for verifying models. Note that we have more meta-data information documented here.

On this website we provide a carefully designed user interface to plot and download data. Generally, we recommend to use our user interface here on the web page as it is the most user-friendly option. Furthermore, we have a dedicated GitHub repository (https://github.com/MAQ-Observations/post-processing) to download and plot our data using Python API requests that can be used.

Sampling frequency

Instruments are sampled at different frequencies. Some are sampled every 20 seconds, others once per minute and some others once per 30 minutes. The data available on the downloads page using the ‘BASIC’ provide the most commonly used data. The data available using the ‘ADVANCED’ tab provides the data in its intrinsic sampling frequency and provides more detailed information of different quantities.

Loobos data on the ICOS Carbon Portal

Loobos is part of the ICOS Ecosystem sites. ICOS (Infrastructure Carbon Observing System) is a European infrastructure of some 100 ecosystem sites. The data processing is harmonised. Loobos data are sent to the ICOS Carbon Portal (https://www.icos-cp.eu) every day. The ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre processes the data overnight. Processed data are released early in the morning. These are quality checked, gapfilled and include the results of complex flux calculations. The Loobos data available on the downloads page of this website is an exact copy of the data processed by ICOS. Only the figures on the ‘operational data’ page represent unprocessed data.

The open data collected at the three unique sites support education, researchers and decisionmakers
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